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Business Branding Made Simple

Leaflet design

Graphic Design

When building a brand it is so important to get the design element correct. Not just having an understanding of colours, fonts and styles but also an understanding of how your brand can then be produced onto the finished product.

That is why we decided to bring Graphic design "in house".


To offer a service that is often unknown to a lot of print/embroidery companies and embed it in our services to help our clients get the most from their brand.

From core logo design and brand guidelines to simpler services like leaflets or business cards BIE has got it covered

Branded Workwear

In every industry, first impressions count. Partnered with our design services and knowledge, we work closely with you as our client to produce the best quality workwear for you and your team to represent your business; keeping you noticeable as well as memorable.

Looking for great value quality products?

Check out our new "Premium Bundle"

Brand It Essex Premium Bundle

Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise is such a simple tool to create brand awareness yet it is often overlooked or ordered with little to no thought.

Consider your audience and what your goals are from handing out the merchandise? Remember though, we have all the expertise in house to help you identify your goals and how best to achieve them


Whether you're someone who travels a lot, or your line of work keeps you stationed in one spot for a while - we have way to make sure you don't go un-noticed and to send traffic your way! From simple banners, to full vehicle wraps: whatever you want, we can do it for you!

Window vinyls
Printed Business Cards

Printed Stationary

Printed stationary is such a key element to almost every business it was a service which we had to include from the start for our clients.

From the simple business card to leaflets, booklets, cards, and much more we believe there will always be a need for this simple but effectively branded item. 

Social Media Management

Todays age of marketing exists in our hands. Phones, tablets, laptops, even watches now have everything one person can need in one place at the simple touch of a finger. This is where new clients will find you and your business will grow! By building your online presence and engagement, you have the chance to acquire new clients every single day just by showing up on their screen.

Our Social Media Management service will optimise your visibility, aim to improve the quality of content and make sure that when people see your brand, they know what you do and why they should keep an eye on your services as well as everyday life.

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