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Sustainability in Marketing

What has sustainability got to do with marketing? Our business provides a wide range of

branded items whilst more and more suppliers are becoming more environmentally conscious.

This means that you too, can build sustainability into your marketing plan.

What does sustainability really mean?

It’s not just about being environmentally aware, it includes:

  • Ensuring workers are paid a fair wage and work sensible hours

  • Materials are sustainable and their production doesn’t harm the environment in any way

  • Where possible, materials are recyclable

  • If appropriate, recycled materials are used rather than new

For our business, quality is top of our list – and we try to work with brands that actively

practise sustainability and are environmentally aware.

Sustainability in Action

One of the top brands we feature is Stanley/Stella and they definitely tick all our boxes.

They’re proof that sustainable clothing doesn’t have to be low quality or basic. They produce

high quality, 100% sustainable clothing that looks and feels incredible - especially thanks to their use of 100% organic cotton. Any company would be proud to have their staff in the kind of gear Stanley/Stella produce.

What makes Stanley/Stella stand out?

They use only 100% organic cotton and recycled materials.

They’re certified by:

  • The Global Recycled Standard

  • The Global Organic Textile Standard

  • The Textile Exchange

  • PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals)

And they walk the talk by working with ethical factories who treat their workers well, pay

them a decent wage and provide good conditions for them to work in. That means they work with the Fair Wear Foundation and work with factories to ensure there is an internal Code of Conduct.

These are all things that are important to us too, so it’s reassuring that we’ve found like-

minded suppliers that practise transparency and authenticity.

Business Sustainability

If you care about the future, sustainability isn’t a ‘nice to have’, it’s an essential. If a supplier

has the kind of sustainability credentials that Stanley/Stella have, it does influence buying decisions - especially in this age where mass sustainability is vital in protecting the environment.

Of course, sometimes we simply can’t track every supplier’s sustainability track record, but

we do factor that into our choices of supplier.

Sustainably produced products sometimes cost a little more, but they also are good quality,

which means they last longer; and this saves you money in the long-run!

The benefits of caring about our plant and future generations are passed from manufacturer to the supplier, to wholesalers and to end customer. It fulfils our Corporate Social

Responsibility and that’s something that is growing in importance to more and more businesses.

Or simply visit our Instagram and Direct Message us so we can process your order from start to finish for you!

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