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Great Gifts

When you want to raise your visibility there are more options than posting daily on social

media! A smart way to remind people about your business is to put it on their desks, in their

briefcases and even in their tearooms.

We often get clients looking for something unusual to get the Wow Factor for their corporate gifts, but they overlook the fact that once that initial excitement is gone, a quirky gift may end up stored at the bottom of the desk drawer. And you know what they say about ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

No matter how many unusual options there are in corporate gifts - and there are thousands - the best sellers are still:

1. Pens - especially good quality varieties

2. Mugs - an excellent way to put your brand on people’s desks every day

3. Water bottles - not only good for the planet, but also for corporate social


4. Thermos mugs - particularly good for team members who are out and about, or are

just off to a meeting and haven’t had their caffeine fix yet.

5. Notepads - whether you brand the cover only or the foot of each page (e.g. on to do

list pads) it’s an excellent reminder of your business.

Baseball caps and beanie hats are also popular, as are key-rings and carrier bags, but it really does depend on the industry.

More unusual gifts

In-car air fresheners are popular in the motor trade, but have the potential to be used in any

small office space too.

More personal gifts like laser engraved cheeseboards with accompanying knife have been

quite popular.

If you want to spend a bit more a folder that contains a multi-connector phone charger built

in, might impress your clients. You can even get it with a light up logo on the front!

In reality, you can have almost anything you can think of branded - just remember that

whatever you choose needs to have high visibility in use.

Saving the planet

There are many eco-friendly gifts today as this is no longer a specialist sector, but has

become mainstream. Bamboo products are popular, such as wireless charging packs,

sunglasses, calculators and pens.

We can provide organic and sustainable branded clothing too that use recycled polyester,

organic cotton, vegan-friendly dyes and even organic cotton for embroidering your logo.

If you need help with choosing your promotional items, just get in touch, we love helping

people to get the right gifts for their company and their clients.

We highly recommend our very own Organic Workwear Bundle - 'The Organic One' - which

is an amazing option for a start-up order to get you and your team branded.

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