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Feel the Quality

Looking professional says more than you might think. People make judgments about all

kinds of things just from how your team present themselves.

When we set up BrandIT Essex we had to have suppliers so we had goods to offer and my

first supplier came as a recommendation. But we knew that we didn’t want to be a ‘cheap

and cheerful’ company so we needed reliable suppliers who delivered top quality at a

reasonable price.

The vision of offering a quality service and quality products was front and centre.

As we kicked off with branded clothing we spent a lot of time researching suppliers. Just

seeing pictures wasn’t enough we got samples so we could touch, feel and try on garments.

You can feel the difference between a T-shirt that is good quality, comfortable to wear and

one that is low quality and is thin and, sometimes, scratchy to wear.

Actually, you can SEE the difference. Put a stack of good quality T-shirts next to the same

number of cheap, lesser quality T-shirts and the quality material is much more substantial -

the stack is noticeably taller!

The economy of buying cheap clothing isn’t as cost-effective as many people think as they

don’t last anything like as long as a better quality alternative. Long-term the so-called

‘cheap’ items wear out quicker, tear easier and look shabby, compared to paying a little

more for a more robust item that lasts much longer and looks good for longer too.

It's All About Relationships

Good service is based on good relationships and when we start talking to a potential supplier

the aim is to talk to the head honcho, if possible. Establishing a relationship that is based on

shared values, trust and transparency makes the ongoing trade between companies

smoother and more trouble-free.

We have noticed that the better the quality of the items, the better the service too. It’s all

about values. If you invest in manufacturing a good product, everyone cares more.

We’ve forged great relationships with companies all round the world and are proud to offer

clothing from ~Stanley and Stella, Asquith & Fox, Regatta, Anthem, Gildan, Under Armour and Beechfield - among many others.

The Details Matter

It’s not just the quality of the garments, it’s also about the quality of stitching when it comes

to embroidered branding too. It’s really important that your brand is represented clean and

sharp - not fuzzy and with loose threads.

We even offer a service to help companies who have complex and detailed branding that

doesn’t replicate well as an embroidered image. When there are many little lines in the

design, embroidered versions can lose the detail, but our design department can help to

streamline logos so they look professional and smart.

We believe that Benjamin Franklin’s quote hits the nail right on the head!

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low

price is forgotten."


People judge your company on first impressions. Quality doesn’t necessarily cost more - but

it can impact your reputation.

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