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Every Move You Make

When you’re running a business you’re in the spotlight. Every move you make is under

scrutiny - by your customers, your suppliers, the people you meet at networking and

business events - and they all have an opinion.

If you want to stand out - for the right reasons - you need a strategy. In fact, if you have

employees you need more than a strategy, you need an ethos that is embedded throughout

the organisation.

It doesn’t have to be complicated - some of the most successful companies ethos is as

simple. For example:

Whatever it takes

The customer comes first

Delight the customer

What makes you stand out from the competition?

Look good

Your team don’t have to turn up in tailored bespoke suits, but wearing your brand is a

statement saying you’re proud to be part of the organisation. Your brand doesn’t have to be

a loud T-shirt, but it can be a subtle logo on a breast pocked, or integrated into a tie or scarf


A good quality polo shirt that everyone wears can make just as good impression as a silk tie,

in the right situation.

If everyone wears matching gear - whether that’s cargo pants or a smart dress and scarf, it

makes a statement - ‘We’re professional and we pay attention to the details’. It may be a

subliminal message, but it all goes to make your team memorable.

Sound good

Every single person in your team needs to see the customer as the one who pays their

salary (because they do) and be pleased to see them or talk to them. Friendly and

approachable at all times is the rule of thumb.

Teach your team to start conversations with ‘It’s good to meet you’, ‘Great to speak with

you’, or ‘How can I help you?’ Add a smile and a friendly approach into the mix and your

customers will remember.

Everyone has the occasional bad day - but your customers don’t deserve to bear the brunt of that. Get your team to learn how to leave their personal issues behind when they interact

with customers. They’ll not only make a good impression, but will actually feel good too.

Do good

Little things make big impressions. It’s not just going the extra mile to help customers, but

being thoughtful about those extras that remind them of your first class service.

When it’s time to reward your customers or potential customers with a gift choose carefully. - What will they appreciate most?

Choosing corporate gifts can be a minefield. No matter how big or how small, you need to

choose carefully.

- Will a key ring be used? Is a mug or a mouse mat right for them? Do they need another

pen - and if they do, what will make that pen memorable?

Quality pays off and matching the gift to the company - or person - will ensure you’re

remembered for all the right reasons.

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