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Brand It Essex is not solely reliant on producing high quality garments and personalisation for your branded workwear. We are about finding every possible way to maximise your businesses visibility and have it become apart of your potential and pre-existing clients everyday life so that you and your business remains in the back of their mind so that when they need you, they head immediately in your direction.

Sustainable Merchandise

When it comes to our range of merchandise, the opportunities are endless; even with the world changing we are able to keep things moving in a positive direction that is better for our environment, the people working hard to produce our stock items and also benefit you in your homes and everyday life.

Click here so you can learn more about why we think it's important to take sustainable options where possible and what kind of options we provide in these circumstances, now including an incredible range of home grown plants and seeds as promotional products.

This way you send a positive message about your company and its values where sustainability is of ever-growing importance, whilst still having the same promotional efficiency as a branded pen, mug, etc -  a plant can still placed in the office or on a desk - sustainability is a win-win for everyone.

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